About Us

Empty Creek LLC, an American family business, manufactures the Empty Creek Shooting Benches at the Empty Creek Ranch in Graham, Tx, U.S.A. .

Using as much American made material as possible, every component of Empty Creek Shooting Benches is 100% made in the U.S.A.

I designed the Empty Creek Deer Camp model based upon my experiences in and around hunting camps.

Hunting camps are a place where friends and family can come together and spend time in the great outdoors. While hunting is usually primary, most camps are a place where mutual hobbies and interests can be shared.

After a hunters tags are filled, the desire for this environment and friendly comraderie remains. Hunters still love to shoot their guns, and every hunting camp I have been in has some kind of shooting bench for this purpose.

I have seen benches that will have to stay where they are forever. I have seen benches that can be moved, with great effort, and I have seen benches that are less than stable. I even saw one made from an old ironing board!

This is how the Empty Creek model Deer Camp shooting bench came to be.

I envisioned a stable bench that is very portable, to take anywhere on the lease for shooting.

A bench that gives the user the ability to load it into the Pick Up, ATV, or to just carry to where you want to shoot. And when you are finished, that can be easily stored in the lease cabin, camper, or truck.

I also wanted this product to be a durable good, a word that has all but disappeared in this throwaway society of today. So I carefully selected materials for each component that will measure up.

Sturdy to provide a stable shooting platform.
Light weight to be Portable.
Simple to set up and take down.
Durability to last for years.

I hope you will try our product, I feel certain you will be glad you did. You can call or mail us anytime.
Thank You for your consideration.

Rusty Hughes
Empty Creek, LLC