Bench Specifications


The Empty Creek shooting bench is well designed, and built to last.
Our all American construction includes the following:

  • 1-1/2” thick, multi laminate American Maple plywood coated on top and sides with Ultimate Liner truck bed coating

  • American precision machined leg, sockets, and carrying assemblies

  • Convenient leg carrying system allows the entire unit to carry as one

  • Single Bolt, self- aligning leg installation with seating collar for stability

  • Stud bolt and seating collar machined from 4140 heat treated bar stock

  • Universal Legs made from 16 Gauge, 1-1/4” welded seam EMT conduit

  • Spacious 36’ x 26” x 14” top is cut for both left or right hand shooters

  • Entire unit weighs only 41 pounds

  • All welds are MIGwelded

  • Grade 2 Lag Bolts

  • Legs and carrying assemblies painted with textured paint for grip

The bench top is made from two pieces of 7 laminate American Maple plywood, laminated together. Surface dimensions are 26” wide at the front, 14” wide at the back, and is 37” long. It is cut for both right and Left handed shooters. The top and sides are finished with Ultimate Liner truck bed liner which gives the surface very durable protection from use and UV rays, and good protection on the edges from carrying, setting down, and storage. This surface gives the user a good grip and is soft on the elbows. It also gives sleds good traction.

The leg assemblies are precision machined and fabricated in Texas. Cut from a single piece of 4140 Heat treated bar stock, the upper leg assembly includes the single stud, as well as the seating collar. The legs are made from 16 guage, 1-1/4″ welded seam EMT conduit MIG welded to the upper assembly.  Adequate relief tolerances built into the design allow the stud assembly to self- align with the threads to insure proper installation. This system allows for easy set up and breakdown by hand, with no tools required.  Once hand tightened, the workload is transferred to the seating collar, creating a strong connection that allows stability of the platform.

The leg bottom end cap is rounded to ensure maximum ground contact. Rubber boots may be added to enhance traction in slippery locations, such as rock or concrete.

The leg carrying system is custom made to hold the legs in a stable condition for transport and storage. This system has been engineered to hold the legs securely, while allowing easy removal for use, and easy installation after use.

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